Lucky gunner pocket pistols

European police and military used the. The U. Some of the common pocket hammer-less guns that many carried were the Colt and Savage Model Shooting these single-action steel frame pistols in the lightweight caliber was really easy.

Which is probably why many liked it. Unfortunately, as time goes by the. Beretta Tomcat This. This gun is consider wide and heavy for a pocket gun. CZ 83 CZ makes them in other caliber as well, but the 83 is the better buy. Kel-Tec P This. Signal 9 Reliant The four barrels makes this 32 stands out.

Signal design this with no moving external parts for reliability. North American Arms Guardian Designed to be convenient and reliable. Lifetime warranty backed by Guardians.

Seecamp LWS Could be one of the smallest pistol out on the market. No sights. Toggle navigation. The recoil is lighter than the. So is this a big enough difference between the two calibers that has an impact on how well one shoots? In order to test this out, there needs to be a side-by-side testing shootout. One of the best gun drill is the 5X5 drill. This test as design to measure performance. The drill consists of 5 shots at 5 yards into a 5 inch cirle in under 5 seconds from a low ready position.

The following test results was conducted from Chris Baker of Lucky Gunner. Chris shot the Kel-Tec P32 and the. The main objective was to see if there were any difference in the times between the.We have been getting a lot of questions about our lawsuit against Lucky Gunner, the online company that sold ammunition to the man who murdered our daughter Jessica along with 11 others in an Aurora, Colorado, theater.

Especially after the Rachel Maddow Show covered us twice, people ask us about the judge's order that we pay Lucky Gunner's attorneys' fees, since our lawsuit was unsuccessful. We brought our lawsuit because we thought it was outrageous that companies could sell a dangerous man an arsenal without getting any information about him, and without making any effort to see if he was a dangerous killer -- which he was. When the killer had left a voicemail with a shooting range, the range operator knew that he was bad news and shouldn't be given access to guns.

But these companies set up their business so people just like this killer can arm themselves at the click of a mouse. We wanted to change that. And we still do. We knew the risks of bringing the case. We knew that Colorado and Congress have given special protection of the gun industry, and we knew that under Colorado law we could even be ordered to pay attorneys' fees because of those special protections.

But we thought it was important to take a stand, to fight to prevent other families from suffering as we have. We did not seek any money in our case. We just wanted injunctive relief -- to have these companies act reasonably when they sold dangerous materiel, like round ammunition magazines, ammunition, body armor, and tear gas. The judge dismissed our case because, he said, these online sellers had special immunity from the general duty to use reasonable care under the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and a Colorado immunity law.

If you couple the PLCAA law with Colorado's law HBwhich says in essence: If you bring a civil case against a gun or ammunition seller and the case is dismissed then the plaintiff must pay all the defendant's costsyou have an impenetrable barrier to using the judicial system to effect change in gun legislation in Colorado.

Everyone else in society has a duty to use reasonable care to not injure others -- except gun and ammunition sellers. This is an outrageous amount, especially given that this case was decided after one single motion! Lucky Gunner has said that it is going to donate all these fees to "gun rights" groups. The thought is disgusting to us that Lucky Gunner does not even plan to use this money to pay for their attorney's fees. Lucky Gunner wants to use blood money to fund the NRA and like-minded groups.

See for yourself. Check out Lucky Gunner's self-serving description of our case then click on " Head Here " the green words at the end of Lucky Gunner's last sentence to find out how the money is to be distributed. The law says we are responsible for these fees, which we recognize.

We do not have the money to pay this amount. The Judge insinuated in his order that Brady should pay since he said they were the instigators. If this was a ploy designed to give the appearance that Brady was responsible and turn us against each other, it did not work. Brady is still fighting for us pro bono and we see no evidence that the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will not help us raise funds if and when that time comes.

We believe that the judge's decision was wrong, and that it is unconstitutional to financially punish people for bringing a lawsuit, especially a public interest case that did not seek a dime. But rather than risk possibly being ordered to pay even more fees, we are changing our focus from going after these laws in the judicial branch we have dropped our appeal to getting them overturned on the legislative level. We hope that we are spearheading a movement to expose these egregious and unconstitutional laws for what they really are.

They are an attack on our civil liberties. With these laws in place ordinary citizens are effectively barred by the exorbitant cost from bringing any civil action against sellers of firearms and ammunition.

It is un-American and outrageous that these special laws can deny us our day in court simply because we were victimized by the gun industry. Our lawsuit was not frivolous.

.32 ACP vs .380 ACP – Pocket Pistols

Our Jessi was shot multiple times with high-velocity, armor-piercing bullets that were designed by our military to inflict maximum damage on enemy combatants.Chris Baker of Lucky Gunner was so kind as to interview me about pocket pistols and their role in Personal Protection at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.

The pistol has been of some interest to me because of its small size, double action only mechanism, and relatively low price point. Many people are price constrained about what they can buy, so inexpensive but serviceable pistols are always of interest to me.

Wind load calculation spreadsheet

I thought the P11 had promise as a pocket pistol for me. The trigger was so bad that I could never get a split under. Finally, I gave up and sold it to someone who really wanted it.

The only real way to test that is to shoot it. Through an unexpected coincidence, a meeting was arranged with the local representative, who met us at Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range with several pistols.

lucky gunner pocket pistols

He had a number of guns in a large laptop bag, just like I am prone to use as a range bag. He explained some of the features of the CPX The course consists of 10 rounds shot at seven yards on a silhouette target. My variation is to use two magazines of five rounds each, one of which has a randomly inserted dummy round in it.

Shoot five, reload five, and clear the dummy wherever it happens to show up is how I do the drill. I was easily able to shoot the course at speed with only two hits outside the 10 ring.

Nepali arko ko budi lai chikeko

Although most personal protection incidents occur within seven yards or less, the need to shoot at longer distances is not unknown. To test the SCCY at distances like this, we set a target at 15 yards and fired a five shot group on the torso. I was able to shoot a five inch group, despite the distracting dots on the rear sight and the indoor lighting.

Then I moved the target out to 20 yards and fired a five shot group at the head. Although it was only about four inches, it was centered slightly to the right of the head. I fired another group while really concentrating on the rear notch. This group was more satisfactory, with all the rounds hitting the head in a five inch circle.

This exercise confirmed for me why I dislike three dot sights so much. The group was slightly larger but still acceptable. The only issue we encountered was with the slide failing to lock back when a friend shot the pistol also. It would also be easy to bump it up if the thumb were positioned under the lever. The rep said a flat lever was available from the factory. There is also a laser available from ArmaLaser. The laser comes on when the pistol is gripped and requires no manual pressing of activation buttons.

Overall, after rounds, my impression was quite favorable for an Every Day Carry piece. Blog at WordPress. Tag Archives: pocket pistol. It was an interesting interview and he makes a number of worthwhile points in the video.

Very important to me was that it can be dryfired, which some KelTec pistols cannot. It also has a second strike capability, which I like. Having a second strike capability will allow an untrained user the opportunity to simply press the trigger again and maybe get a bang. The CPX-2 has a polymer front sight and a steel rear sight, unlike the PForums Recent Posts New posts.

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Thread starter scottman Start date Jun 20, Joined Aug 16, Messages 6, Likes 8, I always enjoy their videos. Bushcraft Friend. Yup, choose your trade off if you want a pock pistol.

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Redbullitt Tracker. Joined Jun 15, Messages 54 Likes Shot a kahr p that I liked. Expensive though I think I like a little 38 revolver over the pocket autos if at all possible. Lucky gunner stuff seems to be on point. Their ammo test stuff is very good and worth a look if you guys haven't seen it! If1Hitu Tracker.What is the difference between blowback operated and recoil operated pistols? This video demonstrates the differences between the two styles of operation.

A comparison of pocket pistols. A review of the Century Arms C Sporter rifle, including range demo and field strip. The HotShot Elite 7. Dragunov Sniper … Read More. James Holmes purchased rds of ammo online and parents from a girl killed during the shooting has filed a … Read More.

What is better, brass or steel cased ammo? In this test, 4 different AR rifles are used to fire 40, … Read More. Check out this video that demos … Read More. Also shown is the Kel-Tec … Read More. Sidenote: A couple years ago … Read More. An accuracy test and comparison of 7. A review of the. For some, it is green beer. Home Categories Companies and Channels Supporters.

380 pocket pistol roundup Lucky Gunner Video

Lucky Gunner. James Holmes purchased rds of ammo online and parents from a girl killed during the shooting has filed a … Read More Share this gun video: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on LinkedIn Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window.

Older posts.Its still Manly to Carry a. For some of us that are budget challenged and some how the. And, the extreme joy of shooting. Personal Defense Some may argue that the.

lucky gunner pocket pistols

Those that think this way are looking at it from a hunter mindset, that is one shot one kill. However, for self-defense purpose the primary objective is stop the bad guy from doing bad things. There are three ways to stop a threat with a pistol:. Back to this later, many gun experts will test out these cartridges against a gel. Its simply a ballistic test medium which is thought to offer the same resistance to a bullet as would muscle tissue.

However, it does not replicate skin, ribs, cartilage or fat and, in fact, very often the way a bullet performs in living tissue is quite different than how it performs in gelatin.

Caliber Comparisons Here an interesting comparison that pitted the. The penetration from the heavier slugs was deeper at 13 inches. One inch differences. Velocity The average 9mm Luger velocity ran about 1, fps. The average.

lucky gunner pocket pistols

Unless, its from a higher caliber or from a longer barrel. Expansion is important because if you have two holes that are the same depth, the hole that has the largest diameter will also be the one that is likely to do the most tissue damage.

Penetration is the length of the bullet path after entering soft tissue, in this case we see it in the ballistic gel. The goal is to see the depth at 12 inches, according to the FBI standard. The average frontal diameter of the. The 9mm Luger was at 0. The damage is translated into cubic inches of tissue.

True that the.

.32 ACP vs .380 ACP – Pocket Pistols

But for deterrent and quick shooting a. Toggle navigation. Why not start with a. Before we get into the nittty gritty of pocket carrying a.We absolutely love Iceland. The Iceland Grand Tour was well planned by Helga. Perfect balance on the hotels. So much really useful information and tips on things not to miss. Really helped to take the stress out of the holiday with regards to booking the hotels and allowed us to focus on seeing the beautiful nature of Iceland.

He started calling me my love

Pam, Canada The Natural Wonders of Iceland, April 2016 Accommodation was better than expected and all the provided meals were top quality and representative of the country's cuisine. Too much to see and not enough time in each destination. From the booking agents help to the overall transparency and guidance in the welcome package, we felt very comfortable and safe in a new country. Marcia, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2016 Traditionally we book hotels ourselves when we travel.

It was so convenient working with Nordic Visitor - having the route planned and the hotels booked. Great to have the Points of Interest marked as well. We found that 10 days was a nice vacation and overview of Iceland - but not enough time to really "get to know" the country and its people. That's why we would like to go back.

The hospitality at all locations was amazing. We had no problem with finding vegan food either. Everyone was so very accommodating.

Thank you for assisting us in making our trip to Iceland a marvelous time. Stephen, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, March 2016 Our whole experience of the holiday was one of relaxed efficiency, at each stage the pick up was there on time, the pack of information provided on our arrival by the delivery driver was thorough and comprehensive. When our northern lights tour was cancelled we were given information via the hotel, a follow up phone call to the NV office was efficiently dealt with.

At all stages through the booking process our NV advisor, Audur, was very helpful. It all made our wedding anniversary trip a very enjoyable relaxed holiday. Liz, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, February 2016 We had a great time in Iceland and a lot of that was down to the email discussions, planning and preparation done by Sigfus on our behalf before the trip.

Everything ran smoothly and the whole trip was a joy. It was a pleasure to be able to meet him and thank him in person when we dropped our mobile phone off at the Nordic Visitor office at the end of our trip. He was friendly, nice, and funny. My husband and I had a blast riding with him in the van. My travel consultant, Bjarni is perfect, he answered all my questions in a timely manner and he was able to customized my itinerary to accommodate my stay for an extra night at the hotel.

Erica and Christopher, United States Iceland Winter World, January 2016 Prior to the start of the trip, the communication with our booking agent was fantastic- Hilmar is great. He was able to accommodate our early departure time and rearranged our booking so we could fully enjoy the Blue Lagoon.

He also gave us helpful information about trying to book a whale watching tour.

Why A .22 LR Pocket Gun Should Not Be Underestimated

The taxi driver from the airport (Iceland Taxi) was also fantastic, very approachable and very informative. We felt like we were travelling in style. Also a great souvenir. Had an amazing adventure. Can't wait to go back to Iceland and do the whole circle drive. Our family loved it. The authentic dog sleigh ride was tops. Gary, Norway Moonlight Safari, November 2015 When I had questions they were answered quickly.


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