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Neopian Pound

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neopets pound

Rubbish Dump. Altador Prizes. Shop Till.The Neopian Pound is one of the most useful features on Neopets. After being down for maintenance for a complete year, the Neopian Pound is re-opened. Among the changes that were made to improve it, you may notice that it is now possible to do a safe transfer once per month, per account.

Let's move on and see in detail how the pound is operating with all the new changes. The adoption process is really easy. Browse the pound until you find a pet you would like to adopt, or enter the name of an adoptable pet in the search above the area where pets are displayed. Select the pet that you would like to adopt and click on 'Adopt' at the bottom of the page. A popup appears on your screen to confirm the adoption. Click on 'Ok' to adopt the pet.

You can use our simple Cost Calculator below to quickly find out how much it will cost. Make sure you have enough Neopoints on hand! Restrictions: If your account is under 4 months old, you won't be able to adopt limited edition and restricted pets. As you may have guessed, the adoption center of the Neopian Pound would not be exist if Neopians couldn't abandon their pets. If you decide to abandon your petit will be placed in the adoption center until a new owner adopts it.

If you wish to disown your Neopets, all you have to do is to click on the button below your pet a few times until it says 'Sure?!?

After clicking on it, your pet will be sent to the Adoption Center and can be adopted by anybody on Neopets. Before disowning your pet, have a look at our comparative table that explains in a clear way what the differences are between the abandon and the transfer features of the pound. You could lose your pet forever if you perform the wrong action.

Restrictions: You can only abandon one pet per day and it will cost you Neopoints to perform this action. The transfer option of the Pound is a brand new feature that allows you to move your pet safely from your Neopets account to another of your choice. The unique feature of the transfer is that you are assured that the pet will reach his new home with all his Paint Brush coloring and regular clothing items, in addition to his Petpet.

Transferred pets must be accepted on the account you send them to. If the pet isn't accepted, it will be returned to your account in 3 days. A popup appears on your screen. All you have to do is to carefully type the username in the proper space and click on 'Ok'. You have to pay a non-refundable Neopoints fee to perform this action.

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The recipient can then either accept or reject the pet, and if they elect to adopt, has to pay the variable adoption fees depending on the stats of the pet. The sender gets a notification of the decision that was made by the recipient. If the pet was rejected, it goes back to the sender who won't be able to attempt another User-to-User transfer until next month.

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Restrictions: You only send a pet to another account a certain number of times per month. You may only accept a pet from another account the same number of times per month as well. How many times you may transfer is based on your account's age - with an extra transfer for every two years of time on the site - like this:. Also, between the time that the pet is sent to the other account and the moment the pet is accepted, you won't be able to create a new Neopet if you already have 3 pets on your account.

The user receiving the pet transfer must meet the same requirements as for adopting that same pet from the pound. See the restrictions chart above. Another aspect of the new Transfer Center is the ability to exchange your Neopet for another user's.Your feedback is very important to us!

Thank you for your contributions! Go to Abandon a pet at the pound. You don't actually have to abandon a pet! Subscribe to our RSS feed, and you will be able to receive the latest news and updates the moment it happens! Send Close. Neopian Pound What is the Neopian Pound?

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It can be used to: - Adopt pets from the pound to be used as lab rats etc. You can read more about these different uses in the sections below. History of the pound: The pound was released on the 30th of June In First the pound was ran by a scary character named Ms. Later on Dr. Death took over the pound. He's the Techo in the picture below.

Neopets Pound Sniper

He started to run the pound with the help of a Pink Uni. Then on April 26th when the Neopets layout was revamped, the pound was closed so that tnt could re-design the pound to work with the new customisation clothing.

It was relaunched a year later on April 30th The new pound came equipped with a new transfer feature that everyone was happy to see. Finally on the 2nd of October the pound received a feature to trade neopets due to the fact that many people were being scammed out of their neopets during the two part trading process.

Pound rules: The pound does have a few rules and conditions to it. The rules are shown below. If you click on the [NT] link you will get a confirmation of this rule from the Neopian Times Editorial. All pets in the pound are owned by no one and former owners have no rights to them.

A failed pound transfer is their own fault and the new owner has no obligation to return the pet. Two for two is not allowed because, imagine the following situation: say you have an unconverted Royal Cybunny, and another person wants to trade with you.


They offer you an Island Eyrie and a Speckled Cybunny. So, you add a Red Aisha to your trade so its still one for one pet, but it's not. That's a package deal making it SEEM like its equal, but it's still basically 2 for 1 pet. The pets should not be payed for with attached expensive normal clothing deluxe clothing that goes with the pet is fineattached expensive petpets and petpetpets or with neopoints by buying a overpriced item from their shop or through the trading post.

All trades must be for one pet from each person and nothing more. If for instance someone else already made a custom pet for you and thus spend money on it you must go on with the trade as agreed. One is the Lutari species of pet who will simply disappear when you try to pound or transfer them.

Second is, whenever an ice coloured Bori is pounded it will transform into a blue Bori. This is due to the fact that Ice Boris were given out as a limited time offer for downloading the neopets toolbar a long time ago and TNT wanted to keep them as unique prizes. They can however, be transferred. Third is, whenever a magma coloured pet is placed in the pound it will transform into a red pet. If your pet has a no-trade petpet attached, for example the cardboard petpets from a newbiepack, you cannot pound or transfer the pet.

You have to remove the petpet first. Clothing: There are three types of clothing: Regular Clothingwhich is bought with neopoints. Deluxe Clothing which is clothing that came from a paint brush, and NC Mall clothing which was bought with neocash.The Neopian Pound is one of the more depressing areas of the site.

This is where all of the disowned Neopets go, some never to be adopted for years. You can disown your Neopets here with Dr. Death the Yellow Techo or adopt one with the Pink Uni. First of all, be aware that no method is foolproof when transferring pets. The faster your Internet connection, the greater chance you will have that your transfer will be successful.

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In addition, be sure all of the above requirements are also met. Many people have lost Neopets this way! Open up two browsers and log into the accounts abandoning and adopting the pet. Do not press enter yet.

Again, make sure you have plenty of Neopoints out several thousand or more to be safe, if you can. In the first account, I would recommend to remove all petpets if not going for any avatars and battledome equipment from your pet, and directly sending those items to the second account separately. Take a deep breath and click that button. If all goes well, you should have your pet happily sitting in your adopting-account! Skip to content Skip to main menu Menu.

The pet must be already born from Create a Neopet and in your quick ref. You must not have already disowned a pet the same day. All petpets attached and pet trophies won will go with the pet. Battledome equipment, however, will be automatically detached. To adopt a pet: You must be able to pay between 50 and several thousand Neopoints, depending on the pet.

You must have three or fewer Neopets. Your account must be over four months old to adopt level 3 and up pets, limited-edition pets, or some of the rarer painted pets. They should also cost more Neopoints to adopt.

Transferring First of all, be aware that no method is foolproof when transferring pets. Transferring to your own accounts: Open up two browsers and log into the accounts abandoning and adopting the pet.The Neopets Marapets game is set in a fictional world called Neopia Marada. For practical purposes, this world has a single currency: the Neopoint, often abbreviated to "NP". There are many ways to earn Neopoints Marapoints ; we have an article that covers them in more detail.

The simplest and most common way, though, is by playing the games that appear on the site. There are heaps of different games to try, from tower defence Battle of Baspinar to shooting games Baterminator and action-packed obstacle courses Phanty Quest. There are even a few games that might be similar to some games on Marapets. Once you have some money, you can go shopping. There are all kinds of items you can buy:. There are other types of items too, including some that don't do anything but just make pretty gifts.

In Marada, the pretty gifts do make pretty toys for your pet to play with and add to their toy collection. On the third day of January, in the yearall the Neopian Shopkeepers announced that the third of every month would be Half Price Day. This is a popular and well known Neopian event, and it is good for restockers. Making profit lately seriously relies on item's rarity; a common item will generate you no more than Neopoints in profit.

Wow - don't have a If you're going to be away from the site for a while, or are just too busy to come online regularly, you can send your pets to a a certain hotel instead of feeding the Neopets. This doesn't make them happier, but it will stop them from starving. The Marapets hotel and Minipet Island Resort for minipets are also hotels only without the extras. If you don't have enough money at the moment, don't panic!

Guide to Neopets Pound Surfing

If you really have no money at all, you can even ask the Soup Faerie to feed your pets for free. Oh dear! Only owners with less than 3, NP can get handouts at the Soup Kitchen.

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Marapets has a Gingerbread House in Candyland which does just that. The private messaging system on Neopets Marapets is called Neomail Maramail. It can't handle any complicated code or very long messages, but it's great when you just want to let friends know how you're doing. You can find it in your Account. A good place to meet new people is the Neoboards the ForumsNeopets' Marapets' forums section.

There are forums for many different topics, from Flash games to writing. And remember, giving out people's email addresses, telephone or cellphone numbers or messenger handles is against the rules!

Both Neopets and Marapets are free to play but there are many different Account Upgrades you can purchase to support the latter. Once you donate, you can buy costume packs, Capsule Machine Tokens, limited edition items, treasure chestsand giftboxes.

Neopia Central has a special shop called the NC Mall where they have clothing wearable in specific colors, games, full costumes known as superpacks, and more. It is a mere microtransaction, so if you don't want to pay for anything, the NC Mall can be easily ignored. Anyway, there is also this Premium Membership where Sorry, you will just have to go to this page.

Gourmet foods are foods that have a rarity index between 90 and Marapets: rarities 10 and up!Have you been feeling like something -- or more accurately, some one -- is missing from your Neofamily? Is there a particular type of pet you'd just love to own? Of course, if you already have a name picked out, you can create a Neopet yourself or get one from the Pound, and paint or morph him or her yourself.

However, you should be aware that this isn't the only way of getting your hands on your dream pet! Other Neopians can also help you out in putting together your perfect family of pets.

neopets pound

This article will give you all the essential facts on the busy and acronym-filled world of adoption and Neopet trading! Quick links to the pound: Adopt Transfer Abandon. Whether you're wanting to adopt or trade a pet, you'll need to use the Pound's transfer system. You can find more information about that in our handy Neopian Pound guidebut for now, a quick overview to get you up and running! To transfer a pet, you'll need to choose the central door at the Pound the one with the Robot Hissi behind it.

Click the button beneath the pet you want to send, and enter the name of his or her new owner and your PIN, if you have one. You'll need to pay the Hissi Neopoints for the transfer; the user receiving your pet will have to pay an amount based on the pet's stats usually under NP.

If the two of you are swapping pets, you'll need to go through an additional step where you indicate which pet you want to receive, and you'll each need to pay both types of fee. Swapping pets formally rather than just using two separate transfers is a good idea if there's a pet going each way; it means neither of you needs an extra empty slot to move the pets around, and it makes sure nobody can receive a pet and then go back on a promise to trade.

Once you click to transfer, the receiver will get an event informing him or her that there is a pet waiting to be accepted. One click of the Accept button, and the pet will be in his or her new home safe and sound :. Players whose accounts are less than 4 months old have limited capacity to receive painted and trained Neopets. Pets that are Level 3 or higher, or that are not painted one of these colours, may not be adopted on or transferred to these young accounts.

Accounts that are more than 4 months old may adopt any pet regardless of level, paint colour, or species, with the exception of Lutari, which can not be transferred under any circumstances.

If you've been reading up about adoption already, you might notice that some older guides refer to a different method of "transferring" -- dropping a pet at the disownment desk at the Pound and arranging for a specific owner to pick him or her up.

Before safe transfers were invented, this was the only way of sending a pet to a new owner. It's a lot riskier than a real transfer, however; once a pet is in the Pound, anyone can see -- and adopt -- him or her, and if someone else gets there before your friend does, there's no guarantee you'll get the pet back.

I'm not a taxi service, you know. Using the official transfer system is also the only way of making sure a pet's clothes go with him or her. Paintbrush clothing that doesn't match will be left behind even if the pet is currently wearing it, so it's not possible to trade or adopt a cross-painted pet. In the most basic terms, trading is when one Neopet is swapped for another.

Unlike item trading, which takes place at the Mystery Island Trading Postthere's no official system for advertising pets you would like to trade; finding someone who owns the Neopet of your dreams, and likes one of your pets enough to swap, has to be done through posts on the Neopian Pound Neoboard. Another big difference between item trading and Neopet trading is that, while someone on the Trading Post might be prepared to offer a whole set of codestones in exchange for a paintbrush or map piece, you can't make an uneven trade where pets are involved.

Every trade has to be -- that is, one pet sent and one pet received by each player. It's also against the rules to trade a Neopet for anything but another Neopet; you can't offer another player Neopoints or items alongside your pet to try and get him or her to accept.

So get that price tag off your Tonu before TNT notice! If you see your dream pet "up for trade" " UFT "but you don't own the Neopet the owner wants, don't give up just yet! This is called a custom. Effectively, this is the same as swapping a Neopet for a paintbrush or morphing potion, and is against the rules. Every pet means something different to his or her owner, and you may well consider your Starry Shoyru to be much more important to you than that Faerie Aisha you just zapped with the Lab Ray -- and there's nothing wrong with that!Welcome to the Shop Directory version 3.

Here you can find a complete listing of every single shop in Neopia, including some of the more obscure ones such as the Hidden Tower and the Igloo Garage Sale. We've organized the list of shops into categories based on the type of items each shop sells and included a link to the Item DB to show you all of the items each shop stocks! If we have a guide for the shop in question, you can visit it by clicking the fancy Jelly Kacheek head. We hope this serves as an amazing resource for those users wanting to learn the ropes of restocking.

You can use this shop directory to locate the best deals during Half Price day! Back To Top. Send Feedback Let us know what you're looking for so we can plan updates or point you in the right direction. Homepage Site Prefs F. Click here! Note : These shops either stay stocked or have their own restocking methods that differ from Official Neopian Shops!

Did you find what you were looking for on this page? Yes: No:. Glad you found what you needed. Your Email: What were you looking for on this guide?

neopets pound

Human Proof: What species of Neopet is this? This page was last updated on October 11, All rights reserved. No content is allowed to be used on another website. Battle Magic. Defense Magic. Space Weaponry. Space Armour. Ice Crystal Shop. Tyrannian Weaponry. Sakhmet Battle Supplies. Haunted Weaponry. Kayla's Potion Shop. The Scrollery. Brightvale Armoury.

Brightvale Motery.


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