Skyrim armor mods

Adding new items and scripts to PS4 is difficult, or even impossible. With that, there are thousands of armor mods available for Skyrim on the Xbox One. Mods which add new sets, change crafting methods, adjust carry weight or even allow you to do absurd things like fly. However, for this list, we felt it was right to just show you some of the best Skyrim armor mods available when it comes to new sets.

For more Skyrim content including mod lists for the Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

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All the links below link back to the Bethesda website where they can be downloaded, and the list below is in no particular order.

Struggling with your set carry weight in Skyrim? What this mod does is adds various bags and pouches to the game, which can be worn with practically every armor set in-game. Equipping these items will increase your carry weight in an immersive way, with them increasing the amount from 25 all the way up to Once installed, you can begin crafting the pouches at a tanning rack.

Visit Mod. After installing this mod, you can craft all of the armor pieces at a forge. Later on, they can be enchanted and upgrades. This next set is a daedric-styled armor which is specifically for male characters in Skyrim. There are two sets available, one which is a heavy armor set and the other which is a light armor set.

Otherwise, you can obtain each set by defeating a pair of Dremora Kynreeve. This mod is actually a pack. You can find the armor at Bloated Mans Grotto in two separate chests.

The Locust Storm spell is only usable once you have the armor equipped. Bosmer is another pack, which contains 5 different sets of armor consisting of 29 armor items and 6 weapons.

skyrim armor mods

All of these sets are compatible with both male and female characters. Compatible with both male and female Skyrim characters is the Zerofrost Mythical Armor set, which belongs to the Nightingales. There is a light and heavy version available. The stats from this set equate to those roughly on Ebony Armor. However the develop of the Xbox Version also included an extra light version. There are also weapons that go alongside this mod. Unfortunately, this set is for female characters only, and included alongside it is also some weapons, which are all based on Norse Mythology.I am a huge fan of "The Elder Scrolls" series as well as all of the other great Bethesda titles.

Welcome to my latest article on Skyrimthe fifth instalment of The Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda. In this article, I am going to look at the best armour mods available. But before we get started, I will briefly review what mod management tools you should use, and how to set up your mods.

I have an article that introduces Nexus Mod Manager here. My article on Mod Organizer can be found here. I thoroughly recommended that when looking to improve an aspect of Skyrim using mods that you:. I always download all the mods that I like the look of and think will improve a specific aspect of the game.

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Then I think of the best order using the rules I outlined above. Next, test each mod in turn by playing the game.

Skyrim - Top 10 Best Male Armor Mods of All Times

Uninstall it immediately before adding any more mods. Believe me, I have been there and it is really frustrating! Below you will find an outline of four of the best armour mods available—ranging from graphics and texture to body shape-specific changes.

This excellent mod improves the graphics of all vanilla armour sets by using higher quality textures. All are lore-friendly and built from scratch.

You can see the increased detail in the guard's armour in the picture below. All sixteen armour sets are replaced. This is a truly wonderful mod from a very talented modder. It adds 22 new armour sets, 3 new shields and a whole array of other additions including eye patches, scarves and even a kilt. Everything is lore-friendly and fitting for the game. All objects can be crafted, upgraded and have enchantments added to them.

In-game, they can be found as quest rewards, in loot and being worn by NPCs. It changes the meshes for all vanilla armour sets so that they fit your player character better. It will remove any seams or clipping that you may otherwise experience. Note: This mod will only change meshes to allow the armour to look right with the changed body shape.

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No textures are changed, so it will not overwrite any of the mods you install to upgrade or enhance the appearance of your armour in-game. This mod includes four armour sets for female player characters. The sets are:. As you can see from the screenshot below, they are beautiful armour sets that allow your female character to still look feminine wearing armour without it being too revealing and looking out of place in the snow-laden Skyrim.

Now, we will look at some of the best mods for "Skyrim" that add a single armour set to the game. As with all the other mods, these are lore-friendly and give the game a consistent look and feel without breaking your immersion. First is "Crimson Ranger Armor" by Patobek. This mod adds a new armour set designed specifically for Rangers.

It is designed for both male and female characters, and as you can see from the screenshot below, the level of detail is impressive and the armour looks lovely. It is also craftable. Be sure to install both the mod and the fix when installing it.

The second mod I recommend is actually a shield mod—"Skyforge Shields" by Dreogan. This mod allows you to craft shields at the Skyforge or purchase some from Eorlund Graymane. As you can see from the screenshot, these are truly gorgeous shields. The mod author recommends that you install the mod "Dual Sheath Redux" if you want to be able to wear your shield on your back.The mods can include anything from small tweaks and quality of life improvements to new campaigns that can help spice things up, should Skyrim get a little bit too boring for your taste after playing through hundreds of hours of the game.

You can craft this directly from the tanning rack and adds a lot of extra weight to your character, allowing you to carry much more than ever. An incredibly awesome-looking armor set, the Daedra Hunter Armour set also comes with its own little quest. Look for the Buried Tower somewhere in the southwest portion of Riften to start the quest. Have you ever taken a look at the hero-god Talos and thought just how much his armor would fit on the Dragonborn?

The Talos Armoury set mod gives players a chance to wear the same suit of armor that the godly Talos once wore. Also, the mod lets you recruit the Avatar of Talos as an NPC follower, which is nice to have considering just how powerful the guy is. The Talos Armoury set can only be crafted or forged at the Forge of Talos, a custom location created specifically for this mod.

Once added to the game, you can find these armour sets anywhere from chests, vendors, and even bandits, further adding to the natural feel of the mod. Adding as many as incredibly detailed and well-crafted cloaks to the game, Cloaks of Skyrim adorns anyone, from the Dragonborn to other NPCs, with these stylish cloaks that can be worn over your own armour set. With the Honed Metal mod installed, you no longer have to go through the painstaking process of leveling up your Smithing skill.

You can simply just hire the many blacksmiths scattered all over Skyrim to do it for you. Similar to the Immersive Armours mod, the Warmonger Armory mod is a compilation of dozens of nifty-looking gear into the game, including but not limited to armor, clothing, and weapons. This heavy armor set is compatible with both male characters and female characters in Skyrim. You can enchant it if you want, and the higher the level of your character, the more powerful the Silver Dragon Armor set becomes as well.

The only problem we have with the Silver Dragon Armor set is that, although it is lore-friendly, the modder behind it definitely missed the chance to create an awesome quest to go along with it. In fact, many recommend playing through Skyrim first without mods on your first play through. Top 10 Best Races in Skyrim. Top 10 Best Skyrim Potions. Top 10 Best Follower Mod in Skyrim. Your email address will not be published.

Daniel Jones is a year old blogger from Europe and he is a certified Network Engineer. Love staying up to date with the latest technology products and builds pc for gaming setups. Read more about him. Top 10 Best Champions for beginners in League of Legends.

Top 10 Best Ashe skins in League of Legends. Top 10 Best Farm Layouts in Minecraft. Top 10 Best Pushers in League of Legends. Skip to content. Top 10 Best Armor Mods in Skyrim.Regardless of the quality of your shieldhaving a decent set of armor can be the decisive factor between life and death.

The Skyrim modding community has been developing some incredibly well-made armor mods for years. And since the release of Skyrim for PC the number of mods has only grown larger. Right now the number of extra armor mods you can download is so large that browsing any Skyrim mod forum will take you hours if you are solely looking for wears!

Be sure to grab anything that looks enticing and just remember these are all totally free! Check Out This Mod. Have you ever desired to roleplay a Samurai in Skyrim without breaking the character of the Dragonborn? It adds a variety of heavy armor sets to the game intended to be used by the Blades. The best thing about this mod is that it also adds weapons with the Samurai theme to the game.

Which means you will be able to roam around the plains of Skyrim with your trusty katana and a lust for blood! Those who like to roleplay dark characters might want to give the Ritual Armor of Boethiah a try, as it was a set of armor originally forged by cultists who praised the Daedric Prince Boethiah. Now you can craft the set of armor yourself and bring terror to the hearts of the innocent in the realm.

After he was betrayed, the man went on a bloodlust to kill all of the kings, and his armor became a thing of legend. If you want to get your hands on the set of armor once belonging to this fearsome warrior you will have to kill the boss in Dovah Kendaar Do Jun. But be warned: you will need to be prepared to face a very strong opponent here. It is an additional set, after all. Have you ever noticed how most sets of armor in Skyrim do not seem to fit Elven characters quite right?

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In fact, you would even think Elven characters seem to be made specifically for the purpose of being mages. And using any other type of armor other than a robe would look a bit ridiculous. It belongs to a race of warrior elves who combine both their intuition and the strength of most humans from Skyrim. The creator of the mod has stated the main goal of this armor was to fuse some of the main aspects of the main warrior races of the game, a purpose which seems to have been diligently fulfilled.

The Warchief armor incorporates bear skin and skulls of slain foes to an otherwise elegant set of fur. You can use this armor in light as well as heavy versions, so it is up to you to decide how you want to dress for the kill. And it has that traditional hood we all fell in love with. However you can choose how you want to wear this armor: you can craft it as light or create it as clothing.

If you do not want to dress heavily then this is a great set of armor for you to use. Especially for Creed fans who like to intermix their fandoms a bit. Do keep in mind it is mainly aimed at thieves and assassins, so it may not be the best set if you are roleplaying a knight. The creators of the mod made sure that you can craft equipment to the armor depending on how you want to play, which means thieves and knights alike will find a use for this highly-detailed set of armor.

Have you ever wondered how the Dragonbone armor would look if it were to be crafted by a smith capable of working with ebony? Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor is one of the most beautiful sets on the list. And though it is extremely heavy, it will protect you from all kinds of foes including the mightiest of dragons. And many warriors prefer to wear it proudly, though they do not belong to the Imperial Legion themselves. This mod aims to overhaul the way the Imperial armor looks by making it slicker and more impressive than in Oblivion and Skyrim.

This mod is a complete rework of that set which gives you an armored horse with a similar set to the one included for your character.

It is a very beautiful set of armor and it somehow seems to fit perfectly well with the lore of the game. This female-only armor works best if you intend to wear it with humans only. Which means you will want to avoid trying this dark set on an Argonian for sure.As ofthere are over 40, Skyrim mods circling the web via huge modding communities such as Nexus. One-part winter sweater, one-part light armour. A Breton and Nord pose in Northgirl winterwear.

An essential mod, if you truly want your Nordic protagonist to look like he belongs in Sovengarde. Although designed for wanderers, Nordic Wanderer armour is heavy-set and can take a good punching.

The Breton Paladin borrows its aesthetic from original Skyrim concept art of the Bretons. Shiny and heavy. Swords and sexy…the Merta assassin armour is a little too revealing for actual protection. It has a rather interesting aesthetic however. Dedicated, bloodsucking follower of fashion. The Lustmord vampire armour carries a gothic and fairly modern visual character. Bringing you a brand-new armour and weapon set — including shield, dagger, axe, Warhammer, and sword — Corvalho and Rafael De Jongh present you items blessed by the God Akatosh himself one of the nine Divines.

Bearing in mind you must craft the armour with your own two hands — using the new ingot: The Blessed Metal of Akatosh. Armour of Intrigue — brought to you by Patobek — claims to be one of the most detailed armour mods on the whole Nexus. Armour of Intrigue will lend the Dovahkiin a dark, secretive air, with its black cloak and cowl. Despite the cloak-and-dagger look, it still works for any class. Designed by Zerofrost Satyr for male and female player characters respectively, the Medusa Drakul and Thanatos Dragon armours are designed to give you something of a monstrous quality.

Both are based off characters out of Greek mythology. Medusa Drakul — for the ladies — is an infamous snake-haired monster and Thanatos a winged personification of death — although both will have you looking deadly.

It also replaces Odaaviing with a model of Thanatos — bring more ancient mythology to Nord land. The monster of Greek mythology Medusa. Thanatos — the male armour is in the likeness of the Greek mythological personification of death. The armours range from sleek Bosmer reinforced armour to skull and bone-engraved Wild hunting apparel. It does this through the introduction of a sizeable 64 new armours 23 heavy armours, 28 light armours, and 13 robes based off armours in the Tera game-world.

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skyrim armor mods

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skyrim armor mods

This item has been added to your Favorites. A collection of 33 items created by. Manic Zombie. This collection contains armor mods that i find interesting and definetly worth subscribing to.

If you can try your best to support the creators by rating their workshop items. Items Warchief Armor. Created by Hothtrooper This armor is a fusion of Orcish brutality, Nordic resilience, and tribal bloodlust. If you want to feel like a beastly barbarian marauding the countryside, this set is for you.

True Glass Armor. Created by dylandeheer. This mod adds a new retextured and improved glass armor. Glass armor that actually has glass that you are able to look through. And without the greenish style to it.

skyrim armor mods

Akaviri Samurai Armor. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent.Immersive Armors is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that contains a large pack of armors created by hothtrooper44 and other modders. Since its upload on the Nexus, it has become one of the most popular mods on the site. Many of the armors are available in the Steam Workshop but need to be downloaded separately. All bucklers weigh about half of what the normal shield does in-game and also require only half the material and has half the armor rating.

Some have been turned to one side to keep true to the lore that they are designed to protect the hands and forearm.

Skyrim: Armor Mods

Following is a list of bucklers included in Immersive Armors. These shields come in three basic shapes - Body ellipticalKite and round. Further they have two different features - Splinted or Spiked, and a one without any feature, making a total of nine different shields. All these shields are exclusive to Immersive Armors. These shields also have many visual variants. If any of these shields is acquired it can be painted into its other visual variant at the Painting Shield Rack near the Skyforge.

Top 15 Best Skyrim Armor Mods 2019 You Must Use

Painting Shield Rack. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Immersive Armors. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Go to Nexus. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Akaviri Samurai Armor. Alduin Scale Armor. Apotheus Armor. Barbarian Armor. Bosmer Reinforced Armor. Crimson Archer. Daedric Lord Armor. Dragon Knight Armor. Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor.


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