Unifi custom dashboard widgets

Free Dashboard Widgets are a new widget kit package for you in order to enhance visual quality of your excel dashboard. These can be pictures, objects made by shape technicbattery charts, infographics or even animations. So the primary advantage is the support of the data visualization.

Ubiquiti Access Points Explained

To develop a thermometer chart in Excel, we need two values. One cell need to show the actual value, and the second cell is the goal value so it will calculate the percentage. Here are some free alternatives to edit vector shapes for example Inkscape for Windows or DrawIt for Mac.

Just define a column graph then you can use the clustered column subtype. It is very important to eliminate all the unnecessary elements from the chart title, background, lines. Now fit chart to vector shape!

unifi custom dashboard widgets

How it works? You can download the sample Excel workbook. The doughnut chart help us to visualize the gap. If you need more support, be sure to get in touch with us. The scoring tool is nothing else than an improved version of a Thermometer chart. The currently set value is shown by a blue arrow marker. Use this link to start the excel training! We have come to the last chapter of our Excel Gauge Widgets category. We hope you will create many many excel dashboards by the models here, now everything is given for this.

We have gotten this from the bottom of the toolbox. Today we talk about four completely different structured tool, we hope you will like them. Just imagine that annoying situation that you have planned and created the dashboard and at the end we notice we had run out of space and only the point is missing. We recommend you that after downloading the template try to modify the values this way you will learn the fastest the knowledge needed to operate it.If You do not agree to such updates, You are not permitted to, and You must not, download, install, access or use the Software.

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Emergency Response; High Risk Activities. Data Storage. Ubiquiti is not responsible or liable for the deletion of or failure to store or process any information or other content provided by You or transmitted in the course of using the Software.Every view in Analytics comes with a default "My Dashboard.

Dashboards contain one or more widgets up to 12 per Dashboard that give you an overview of the dimensions and metrics you care about most. The steps outlined in this article will teach you how to create and customize a new Dashboard. You can follow many of these steps to edit existing Dashboards, as well. Some of the available widgets can display their data in real-time. These widgets update the metrics automatically standard widgets, by comparison, update when you load or refresh the Dashboard.

Real-time widgets can display only the Active Users or Pageviews metrics, depending on the widget. The following widget types are available as real-time widgets:. To modify an existing widget, mouse over the widget title, then click the Edit pencil icon.

To delete an individual widget, mouse over the widget title, then click the Close X icon. You can create an exact copy of a widget using the Clone widget link.

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This is convenient when you want use one widget as a base for another. As in Analytics reports, you can add segments to your Dashboard, allowing you to compare and contrast metrics generated by different session or user groupings.

To edit an existing segment, click the segment label at the top of your Dashboard. Click the Customize Dashboard link to change how your widgets appear and how they are arranged on the page. You can remove a Dashboard entirely by clicking the Delete Dashboard link on right side of the page, under the date picker.

Share your Dashboard with other users. Learn how Google Analytics can improve your Google Ads results.

unifi custom dashboard widgets

Get the guide. Google Help. Help Center Community Fix issue Analytics. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Analytics Fix issue. Monitor account health and performance Dashboards display multiple reports at once Create and customize Dashboards. Create and customize Dashboards Customize your dashboards and widgets for the best account overview.Our clients use our solutions and services around the globe intensively while supporting large numbers of users.

Art of WiFi is an active contributor to the Ubiquiti community together with our Open Source projects which are used in a fast-growing number of projects. As a result, community members regularly approach us to develop and deliver integrated solutions for the UniFi platform. We really love the Ubiquiti networking products for LAN and WiFi, and especially appreciate their UniFi platform for its versatility, scalability, and central management capabilities.

More on our Solutions for UniFi. More on our Custom Developments. NL EN. Make the most of your UniFi network? What our clients are saying. We especially appreciated the know-how and hands-on approach of Art of WiFi. I stumbled across Art of WiFi while seeking advice on building a WiFi captive portal to integrate social media authentication as well as email. Their advice made me realize that I was in over my head and needed help, so I hired Art of WiFi for the project.

Art of WiFi built a great portal and made sure everything was working perfectly before calling it done. Their communication was clear and consistent. I will definitely use them on future projects!

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Erik is extremely responsive, helpful and provides everything you need to get your portal working effectively. If you run into difficulties Erik is available to provide the answer. A recent issue was swiftly resolved out of hours!

Create and customize Dashboards

I would highly recommend engaging with Art of WiFi. He consulted Pancratius and also took care of the implementation of the installation.

unifi custom dashboard widgets

Pancratius is extremely satisfied with the advice, implementation, and post-sales support. Erik Slooff and Art of Wifi are the real deal. They are fast, accurate, responsive, and helpful at every turn. They go above and beyond to ensure that your experience and deployment is as fast and painless as possible. I am extremely impressed with their Wifi portal and its integration with Unifi products and other systems that take advantage of webhooks.

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They went above and beyond outside of the SOW to assist me and ensure I was on the right path to achieve my goals. Aside from creating the entire guest portal, he provided documentation every step of the way, assisted me in securing my Unifi Controller and even had a Skype session to provide a quick tutorial on a product that he has no stake in but I needed to integrate between the wifi portal and Hubspot.

Erik Slooff takes pride in his work and is committed to customer service and client satisfaction. I will always recommend Art of Wifi.In System Center Operations Manager, the Web console provides a monitoring interface for a management group that can be opened on any computer using any browser that has connectivity to the Web console server. It executes the HTML code specified and visualizes the desired output in a variety of visualizations. Use the REST API reference to learn about available operations you can perform with the custom widget to present operational data in the dashboard.

Make the most of your UniFi network?

In order for the script to query and return data in the visualization, the URL parameter specifies the address of the Operations Manager Web console and the data type. To scope the monitoring data for each data type, you can select a class to see all instances of that class, or to see only a subset of objects of the selected class, you can also include a group. For example, to specify all objects of class Windows Server DC Computer, you would modify the property value for classId.

This is only applicable to state data, not alert or performance. For performance data, you specify a group or monitored object. To specify a group that contains a subset of objects of the same class specified for the property classIdmodify the value objectIds and specify the GUID of the group. The value must be in quotes. Once you have specified the target class and optionally a group to further scope the results, you then specify the criteria to limit the type of data to display according to the values of one or more properties.

How to create a dashboard with the Custom widget in the Web console

You can configure a chart type to present state, performance, and alert data. For each example below, alerts from the Windows Computer group are returned for any severity, matching specific resolution states.

The following HTML code demonstrates creating a Combination chart to display alerts in a pie and spline chart. On the Create New Dashboard page, provide a name and description for the dashboard you want to create. You can save the dashboard in an existing unsealed management pack by selecting the management pack from the Management Pack drop-down list or you can save the dashboard by creating a new management pack by clicking New next to the Management Pack drop-down list and provide a name, description, and optionally a version number.

When you have completed specifying where to save the new dashboard to, click OK. On the blank empty dashboard, you see the dashboard name, Add WidgetEdit DashboardDelete dashboard and View in fullscreen options on the top of the page. In the Custom widget pane, select criteria for the widget adding the HTML code using one of the earlier examples, to visualize monitoring data in one of the supported chart visualizations.

Complete the configuration by providing a NameDescriptionand Widget refresh interval default interval is 5 minutes for the widget. Click Save Widget to save your new dashboard. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Note This is only applicable to state data, not alert or performance. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback?

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Accepteren Leer meerAttention Widget Authors Need authentication for web services? Have a look at OmniAuth. Note: These widgets are maintained by third party authors. If you have any issues, please contact them. The easiest way to share a widget is to create a gist with the required files.

Bonus points for including pictures or a link to a live demo. When you're ready, add your widget and a short description for it to the table above. Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Skip to content. This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only. Additional Widgets Jump to bottom. This is a list of user submitted Dashing widgets. Each one contains a link to how to use it.

Have a look at OmniAuth Note: These widgets are maintained by third party authors. A revised version of ruleb's countdown widget, that for some reason removed the widget when there was 1 hour left.

More JQPlot widgets coming soon. Awesome, right?! Anton Kalyaev Ntile Takes any timestamped data feed and displays the value for the current day or defined time period in statistical context. Supports multiple filters and widgets in a single dashboard.

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The query is defined in the widget configuration. Supports multiple queries and widgets in a single dashboard. This is a generalised version of the Atlassian Jira: Number of issues in a Jira filter query. Simple widget that shows if it's friday or not! Didrik Lindqvist Wunderlist Shows Wunderlist tasks.

Part of the dashing-contrib package juhamust SC5 Jenkins Statistics Application for gathering and displaying statistical data about Jenkins builds Alexandru Anca How to contribute The easiest way to share a widget is to create a gist with the required files. The Weather widget is a great example. Pages You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

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